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20 for 20 Alumni profiles - Nadine Geisler

19 November 2023 Alumni Network, University
Published by Liza Shliakhova
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This week’s 20 for 20 video features Nadine Geisler. After years of studies on the Walferdange campus, Nadine graduated from the University of Luxembourg in 2015 and is now Responsable Division Patrimoine sportif.


The professor who you will never forget:

Prof Dr Daniel Tröhler          


The most popular band/singer while you were a student:

Florence + The Machine        


Best concert you went to when you were a student:

Sting in Cologne    


Your favourite movie back when you were a student:

The Artist    


Your favourite TV/streaming series while at


Nadine during her trip to San Francisco for a conference during her PhD

Your favourite restaurant while you were a student:

Mère Nature in Luxembourg    


Your favourite bar or club in Luxembourg while you were a student:

Go Ten Bar in Luxembourg City      


What kind of phone did you use when you were a student?

Samsung Smartphone    


How did you listen to music when you were a student?



Most popular social media network while you were at


I like

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