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20 for 20 Alumni profiles - Amandine Van Rinsveld

27 November 2023 Alumni Network, University
Published by Liza Shliakhova
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This week's 20 for 20 Alumni Video is Amandine Van Rinsveld, who completed her PhD in Psychology in 2015 and is now working as a Research Associate at Stanford University.


Being based in the US now, Amandine could not join us for the 20th Anniversary celebration this September like other alumni in the Alumni Spotlight video series but she recorded some fantastic words for her alma mater.


"The most memorable moment [for me] was probably the move of Campus," - shares Amandine. "When I started, we were located in Walferdange and the construction of the brand new Belval Campus was part of our conversations, like a long standing project that would never happen or at least not before we were all gone. And one day it happened! We all moved to the brand new Campus Belval. It felt like living an historic moment for the University of Luxembourg. They even printed special moving tapes for the occasion as one of the many details that they made to mark the event as a special moment. I have been very happy to see the University of Luxembourg growing during all those years and I wish it much of success for the future!"


After exploring mathematical learning in multilingual individuals (what better place for that than Luxembourg?!) as a PhD and a Postdoc, Amandine is now doing research internationally. Watch the video below to find out how her experience at the University of Luxembourg set the ground for her career in academia.

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