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Les Amis de l’Université - Calling All Alumni

17 November 2023 Alumni Network, University
Published by Liza Shliakhova
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The association Les Amis de l’Université (Les Amis), whose President is former Rector of the University of Luxembourg Rolf Tarrach, is one of the founding partners of the GradPack, the package of benefits available to new graduates when they join the Alumni Network.


Les Amis welcomes not just new graduates, but all alumni interested in networking among peers, attending their events and supporting their activities. But what is the association about exactly? What are the initiatives that it supports, which events do they organise, and how can alumni benefit from joining?

Les Amis was established 15 years ago by Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Minister responsible for the creation of the University in 2003, and a group of Luxembourgish decision-makers, in order to introduce people to the young University and to create a community around it. Today, the association organises about 10 events a year: visits, conferences, lectures of recognised professors and researchers, etc. “We really want to connect students with business people,” says Romain Penning, Secretary of Les Amis de l'Université. “We now have more than 1000 subscribers for our newsletter where we share our events and news together with events of the University. You can find them on our webpage. Many of them are great opportunities for the University alumni to meet highly skilled professionals as well as renowned academics.”

Romain Penning, Secretary of Les Amis de l'Université

The association also provides scholarships to students in need as well as awarding brilliant researchers with prizes. Of particular relevance is the Rolf Tarrach Award, bestowed yearly to recognise the author of a doctoral thesis that contributes to the University of Luxembourg's prestige through its scientific excellence and the innovative nature of its work. But the several Germain Dondelinger Awards, as well as the Luis y Antonio Portabella Awards cover a much broader student spectrum and thus play a major role. The funding of these awards is mostly possible thanks to donations by companies and foundations in Luxembourg. 

Les Amis would love to have more alumni in the association. “I would encourage the alumni of the University to sign up for our newsletter, to attend our events and to become members too,” says Romain. “They can also become sponsors if they wish to contribute more to the prizes which we give to great researchers and the scholarships that we offer to students but most of all, I think that our community will really enjoy seeing alumni among them.” 

Prof. Dr Rolf Tarrach, President of Les Amis, commented: “It is our intention to work more closely with the Alumni Office of the University. What Les Amis de l’Université does for the University, and in particular for its students, is not so different from what, in the medium term, the Alumni team will do for it. Surely, our association does not expect to get anything from the University in return, while the alumni, as it should be, do expect the University to give them a hand along their professional life. It is here where Les Amis de l’Université could also play a role supporting the alumni with our experience and our contacts.” 

Prof. Dr Rolf Tarrach, President of Les Amis de l'Université

The very first President of the Student Delegation and now alumnus Alex Domin is a member of the Board of Directors of Les Amis. “Being a part of this organisation is an invaluable experience!” he says. “Apart from being in a like-minded community and networking, it serves as a bridge between alumni and the University, which is constantly developing and progressing, helping you to stay connected. Finally, it is a great pleasure to participate in helping students in need, which is an important part of facilitating inclusion and support.”

Alex Domin

Les Amis de l'Université currently offer free membership for one year to all alumni so do not miss a chance to become part of this association by becoming a member now!

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