Alumni Relations Team

Let us introduce you to the team working to develop the Alumni Network, all dressed up in our alumni gear: Andy Adams from the USA, Saad Shakeel from Pakistan and Liza Shliakhova from Ukraine. Andy loves cooking, knows every song since 1970 (well, in certain genres) and speaks more languages than Liza and Saad combined. Andy first came to Luxembourg on an exchange programme and then decided to come here for good. He is the one who launched the network and brought the other two on board in 2023.

Saad brings a Gen Z perspective to the team. Being a Computer Science student, he complements Liza’s skillset perfectly… Those who know, they know 😉. Let’s just say that if it wasn’t for him, this platform would look very different to what was intended… He is currently exploring Europe and is open to tips on top destinations.
Liza would like to say that she brings the Gen Z perspective too but her area of expertise is really more Millennial. You won’t find her on TikTok but you will on Facebook (wait, isn’t Facebook for Baby Boomers?!), she does not cook but she likes to eat. And to travel. She lived in the UK for 7 years before moving to France just before Brexit and Covid hit. Best choice ever.