Uni.lu Alumni in Mongolia-Giving Back by Providing Scholarships

There are Uni.lu alumni from at least 137 different countries and there is a particularly active group in Mongolia. Last year Mongolian Alumni successfully implemented a medical student scholarship program. Read on to find out more about this incredible initiative to give back.

Giving Back

The scholarship program was initiated by Luxembourg Alumni and Mongolians in Luxembourg. As a result, 23 medical students received full or partial scholarships to study in domestic Mongolian universities along with a right to participate in a year-long soft skill development program organized by the Zorig Foundation, co-organizer of the scholarship program, and a leader in youth-focused programs in the country. The scholarships were partially funded by proceeds from the Mongolian stand at the Bazar International in Luxembourg and were awarded at a gala ceremony on December 1 in Ulaanbaatar.


“Initially, the alumni association planned to give scholarships to 10-15 students. However, while interviewing the students, we got the chance to understand the problems and opportunities facing the medical field, and how things are seen through the eyes of students. As a result, we decided to grant scholarships to more students” says Khulan Bat-Erdene, Head of the Luxembourg Alumni Association in Mongolia and a graduate of the Master of Science in Banking and Finance when it was part of the Luxembourg School of Finance. She continued, “Education and the health sector are important for social development in any country. During the difficult time of the pandemic, we all have witnessed the heavy burden laid on the medical staff and the difficult conditions under which they work with very low salaries”.

Scholarship Award Ceremony, December 2022

Scholarship Award Ceremony, December 2022

Luxembourg-Mongolia Cooperation

Uni.lu Mongolian alumni

Uni.lu Mongolian alumni

Mongolia and Luxembourg have maintained diplomatic relations since 1976 and development cooperation in the health and financial sectors began in 2001. Most of the Mongolian alumni from the University of Luxembourg received scholarships from the Government of Luxembourg as part of this cooperation and are now working as professionals in the banking and finance sectors. As recipients of scholarships themselves, they feel a particular responsibility to create similar opportunities for others, even outside of their own professional fields.


The Alumni Association in Mongolia has more than 25 active members. In the coming years, they plan to continue this scholarship program and explore ways to collaborate with the University of Luxembourg and continue to build bridges between the two countries. They are also excited to see that Uni.lu is developing an alumni network and are looking forward to managing their association's activities on the upcoming alumni platform.

Practice Your Mongolian!

The recent award ceremony generated a good amount of media coverage. If you would like to practice listening to Mongolian, check out this video report from Mongolian TV. If you prefer to practice reading Mongolian, take a look at this article about the event.

Scholarship award winners with Uni.lu alumni

Scholarship award winners with alumni